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Invite your Church’s Children & Youth Ministry to Healing Grove Sports Summer Program!

Building intergenerational relationships is critical to reaching the next generation of kids. Healing Grove Sports wants to partner with your church to help grow the faith of your kids! Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in children, youth and sports ministry, and so we know how hard children’s and youth ministry can be. Healing Grove sports is an easy and effective way to build community and build faith within your kids and youth ministries!

Pick a week for your church, and then invite all of your children ministry and youth ministry students (ages 6-13 years old) to participate! We’ll walk with you through every step of the process to make it easy for your leaders and families!

Download the brochure!

How it works:

  • Select a week during the summer for your church to participate
    • June 3 to Aug 2, 2024
    • 9am to 12pm
    • Tamien Park, 1137 Lick Ave San Jose CA 95110
  • Students can pick either Soccer or Volleyball focus for the week.
  • Healing Grove Sports will provide a customizable information packet that you can share with parents at your church (paper brochures, graphics for emails, and a promotional video).
  • Invite your kids to participate!
    • There are two ways you can take reservations:
      • 1) You can purchase a block of spots for your church, and then have your families sign up through your church’s RSVP or church management system.
      • 2) Healing Grove Sports can provide a customized link where families at your church can sign up and provide payment directly with Healing Grove Sports.
  • (optional) Invite High School youth and adults in your church to volunteer. While this isn’t required, it’s a great way to provide opportunities for intergenerational relationships! High Schoolers need to be going into their Junior year in order to volunteer (and this activity does count for volunteer hours).
    • Adults will need to be fingerprinted and take a child sport safety training course online.
  • Everyday, our program ends with a short gospel message provided by the Healing Grove Youth Pastor, Louie Bustos. Your kids will be inspired by the gospel to be champions in life and faith!
  • Every paying child from your church will support one low income child from the Washington Guadalupe Community
    • This is a perfect way to get your kids involved in ministry and to make diverse relationships with kids from different socio-economic backgrounds!

Cost and how to sign up

The cost of the summer sports camp is $175 per week per student.

Each church’s situation is unique. We’ll work with you and your youth or children’s ministry to setup the best possible experience!


Brett Bymaster


Coach Noe Guzman

(669) 800-5782  (Call or Text)

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Which weeks are there Summer Camps?

Week 1 June 3rd-June 7th

Week 2 June 10th – June 14th

Week 3 June 17th – June 21th

Week 4 June 24th – June 28th

NO CAMP –  July 1st- July 5th (July 4th Holiday)

Week 5 July 8th – July 12th

Week 6 July 15th – July 19th

Week 7 July 22nd – July 26th

Week 8 July 29 – August 2nd

Should I invite my friends?

Yes! Bring a friend and sign up for the same weeks!

Do I have to be a person of faith to attend?

No! Anyone from any faith tradition is welcome to attend!

What should my kids bring with them?

Water bottle, sports clothing, and a snack.

Will lunch be provided?

No, lunch will not be provided at this camp.

Will 6 year olds be playing with 13 year olds?

No, our sports camp is broken up into multiple age appropriate groups. Younger kids and older kids will be playing at the same time, but in separate areas.

Can my child play both Soccer and Volleyball?

Definitely! Each week will be either one or the other, but you can sign up for multiple weeks and choose soccer for 1 week and volleyball the next week, or vice versa.

Are you connected with a church or parish or denomination?

Healing Grove is a faith based organization in the Christian tradition. Healing Grove’s staff is about half Catholic and half Protestant. Healing Grove partners with dozens of diverse congregations throughout Silicon Valley, including Protestant, Catholic and Mainline churches.

Who should I contact with questions?

Noe Guzman
Text or Call: (669) 800-5782

How much does camp cost?

Each week costs $175

Are there family discounts?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide family discounts. Because every paying player funds one low income player from the Washington/Guadalupe community, we are unable to provide discounts.

Can the kids program or youth group at my church sign up for the sports camp?

Yes! Reach out to Brett Bymaster at to get your church involved!

What is the cost for churches

The price is $175 per player per week. The cost is the same regardless of whether or not you participate through a church or on your own.